Creative capital and advisory 

We are highly selective in opportunity sourcing, seeking differentiated opportunities where our experience adds value, not a competitive bid.  We partner with founders and owners to achieve win / win outcomes and transition companies to new growth trajectories.  We succeed when others fail due to experience, creative capital sourcing, and grit.  
  • Private equity investors and Independent sponsors
  • We invest behind our ideas 
  • Solutions focused, creative capital, with deep global ecosystems
  • Involved in over $750 million of capitalizations, with several 2x transformations
  • Strong operating parter and fiduciary experience 

Active investments 

  • Signature Brands, a corporate carve out of a Swiss owned conglomerate (Hero Group), funded with Traub Capital
  • No Bull Burger, a founder family led plant based artisan start up, participating in food service and retail markets
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