Innovate for incremental growth 

Products and services that out-grow their categories, out-innovate and out-execute their competition. Some organizations start with where they are now and look to improve it. Some start with their brand and look for the natural extensions.  Winners view the category broadly, define the corners now and in the future, and work backwards. 

Identify high opportunity areas

Deliver breakthrough innovation

  • Look for consumer fragmentation 

  • Determine 'jobs to be done'

  • Explore fringes, meet the trendsetters

  • Expect trends to cascade from adjacent categories

  • Find unmet needs from passionate consumers

  • Be iterative and constantly improve

  • Be masterful, combining art & science

  • Be coherent in your execution 

  • Evaluate your work dispassionately

  • Pilot test and involve others

Horizon Group 5-step innovation process

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